​​​Tomasello Consulting Engineers, Inc. 

The S2DMM model (developed by TCE) is designed to meet the need for both short term (flood studies) and long term (wetland restoration) simulations.  

Location:  Palm Beach and Martin Counties

The Cypress Creek/Pal-Mar and the Groves Basin (CCPMGB) study was performed using the S2DMM Model

The S2DMM applies the groundwater movements and interaction with the surface water system to evaluate watershed alternatives and learn more about the hydrology and hydraulics of the basins and their potential impacts to the Loxahatchee River watershed (what if scenarios).

The primary objective was to develop a set of models to represent the hydrologic and hydraulic processes in the basin and to achieve an understanding of water related problems in the 100,000 acre watershed and to evaluate alternatives which best balance the needs of the River and the developed land.

Understanding of the problems was necessary before solutions could be developed. Therefore, TCE performed extensive surface water data monitoring for over two years to gather information for model calibration and validation.

The calibrated model simulated sheetflow across wetlands, channelized flow, structure flow and groundwater flow to predict long term (10 years) hydroperiods for the basins for existing conditions and water management alternatives.

The resulting duration curves were used with biologists’ target inundation points to restore wetlands, create marsh habitat, and maintain flow to the Loxahatchee River.

Stage duration curves were developed for over 20 representative wetlands chosen by the biologists on the team.

Because of the successful calibration of the model, Martin County contracted with TCE to evaluate additional restoration alternatives on the Culpepper Ranch and the Nine Gems Ranch in the Cypress Creek basin.

Due to the accuracy and acceptance of the model, the North Palm Beach - CERP (Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan) project utilized the model to evaluate the Flow Way 3 option.

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